Roberto and his mother Angela: “of cages and love”

“Roberto is 22 years old, he is very moved, he stimulates himself and he injures himself. It sticks and bites its hands and must be contained.
Roberto has been without a center for a year and a half because there are no places. We have been on the waiting list for four years.
I feel that since we were born we have lived in a continuous fight to defend your rights. Although in many ways he is like a baby in a large body, the system considers him an unproductive adult and abandons him. By abandoning him, he abandons me, because all his weight falls on my back and I am lucky to have a family that clothes. I know that I will achieve things because I am very feisty, but in the end you feel that everything they give you you have been begging for.
I lost my mother as a young girl and I had to take care of my family. I have cared all my life. As you get older and they get older, you realize that the future is coming upon you. I don’t want my other children to bear the responsibility of taking care of the brother, because that was already my story. In the end it is a burden, which you carry with love, but an emotional and physical burden.
People tell me that I deserve heaven. For a son I do whatever it takes. I don’t deserve heaven for that. The one who deserves all he needs is Roberto.”  Angela