CARE, cuidar importa, is a book that measures 30cm wide by 23cm high, with 144 pages in a hard cover and stitched binding. It is beautiful! 

It is written in English and Spanish and it contains: two academic texts, one by Manuel González Morales, professor of Prehistory and the other by Rebeca Pardo, professor of Art History specialized in the representation of illness, grief and death.

It has 88 color photographs that portray different situations that delve into the relationships established by caregivers and the people they care for in 19 families.

The photographs are accompanied by texts that summarize my research, reflections on encounters with each of the people I have portrayed, and a section of practical ideas on how to take care of those who care.

This is an excellent gift for anyone involved with care and disability, and also for those friends or family who do not know how to relate or accompany the experience.


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This work has been possible thanks to the 2019 Leonardo Grant for Researchers and Cultural Creators. I also appreciate the participation of each one of the wonderful people portrayed as well as the Tarongers Residence of Avapace (Valencia) and the Alzheimer Catalunya Fundació.