Neuquén and his siblings “About Life Expectancy and Social Value”

It hurts too much. At this time and due to the critical situation in the world, the criteria for admission to the intensive care unit are based on two parameters: “life expectancy” and “social value” …”Life expectancy”: Doctors can be wrong. We were told that our son’s would be 2 years old and today he is 20. In these years I have learned that we are not, nor will we be the only ones with this experience.”Social value”: much of who I am and everything I do is inspired by the adventure of being her mother.To judge the social value of my son (or of any other person, totally or partially dependent) is to judge the social value of his entire environment, firstly family but also distant, that is to say, to judge the impact that his life has had, has and will have on everyone. those who in some way are touched by their existence …

There are many stories, even of strangers, that have arisen thanks to what our son moves even though he cannot take a step. His presence alone shapes us. He motivates us to do what he cannot and to start adventures that before him would have seemed impossible. It teaches us not to complain about nonsense, it exercises empathy and also patience, it shakes laziness, it inspires. In exhausting moments, it comforts. His care takes care of us and regenerates us. It helps to always focus on what’s important. It opens us to the opportunity that may lie in the mystery. It questions us, prompts us to learn, to forget, to trust, to understand, to communicate in other ways, to create … It humanizes us, because it connects with tenderness, with support, with love reflected in care, with the pleasure of small things, of things without price, affection, pampering, the gift of the senses, what is … It hurts too much to see that today, everything we have achieved based on years of making visible the worth of each being, the need for equity in opportunities, treatment, consideration, rights … can be lost in just 7 days. It hurts too much the banality of cruelty and dehumanization – by protocol – of those who have the power to help.

It hurts too much the urgency to feel that there is to justify the “social worth” of the people. Tears and words choke helplessness in my mouth.

The 18 years (and more) enjoyed and cheated at “life expectancy” are and will forever be, our victory.
“Social value” cannot be subordinated to productivity or capacitism. “Social value” does not depend on a person, but is intrinsic to it. The “social value” is on the rise for that society that responds with equity and diligence to all people, especially the most vulnerable.
It hurts too much. Europe, apart from viruses, has amnesia.
Once again, we will have to start over.