Leonor: «To be Alone in order to be Happy»

Leonor’s apartment is spacious and bright. It is thoughtfully decorated. She has combined the colors and included details such as small lights that hang from the plants, which show her dedication.

Leonor is proud of the work she does, she likes her home, enjoys living alone and feels at ease with the casual daily affection she receives from the people in her neighborhood.

She has the support of Aurora, a neighbor who lives in the same building and visits her every day. This relationship brings a good dose of laughter and the peace of mind of knowing that there is a friend nearby she can count on if she needs to.

Leonor is also cared for by the Alzheimer Catalunya Foundation, which has activated an on-site service that provides Leonor with a follow-up a couple of days a week in order to solve any problems, perform home maintenance, provide medication or therapies and help her in everything she may need. The purpose is to ensure that Leonor can continue to enjoy living the way she wants: alone.

Leonor has faced difficult moments; she worked for many years to achieve her well-being and has also seen her wealth diminish. Living with different people in previous years has brought her more stress than joy. And now that she is about to reach the age of 90, she emphasizes the relief she feels for being independent.

“I have my husband there” – she tells me, pointing to a photograph – “and sometimes I look at him and say, ‘Now. Now, I’m happy’.”

She looks at me seriously, defiantly, optimistic and assertive. She knows what she wants and what she is no longer willing to tolerate.

“Do you realize how important it is to get to my age and feel calm for the first time?”Leonor