Josep: life beyond life

Vicen, Josep’s mother, was diagnosed with a terminal illness more than ten years ago. By taking the limit of his own life, Vicen dedicated his last months to ensuring a good future for his children.
Vicen wanted Josep to be able to move into a residence in which Coni was the director. Coni talks to me about Vicen with admiration and Josep’s face fills with a sweet and emotional smile when Coni mentions
his mother. Currently Javi is Josep’s main support and Ana joins when it takes more than one person to perform your personal care. Javi and Ana are younger than Josep and they understand the
accompaniment and care from a point of view that I think must have been the one Vicen wanted for his son. Through Javi I get Josep’s testimony:

“I like politics and sharing what I think with whoever is willing to listen to me.
I don’t like feeling different because I have the same status as the rest.
I’m very good at mathematics, I remember dates and I remember what has been said and what others forget. I am generous.
I understand my situation and I like to decide how to live my life. I like to know what rights and duties I have and from there, see how I can relate to society ”

As I take the photos, I make my own one of the great fears of many mothers and fathers: not being there to guarantee the well-being of our children. We speak little about this because it is to immerse ourselves
fully in the depth of pain but it is a possibility that like others, sooner or later we will have to face.

Josep teaches me that he has survived the death of his mother with integrity. Your dignity and your future are yours. He continues to live his own story. He has met precious people with whom to share part of
the way. I leave this session, grateful. With the humility and relief of realizing that although we can assume responsibility for care with love and respect, the lives of our children fully belong to them.